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leaf-iconAustralia's Got Language Talent Contest

On Wednesday 14th October the William Angliss Conference Centre was transformed into a performance arena, where the Australia's Got Language Talent Contest was held, and what a fantastic night it was! The event was opened by the ALLKUMO Malkatri dance team from Coen, Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland and their performance was just amazing.

Hosted by Phillemon Mosby of the Torres Strait Islands, Australia's Got Language is an entertaining parody of a competition inspired by talent programs such as X Factor, Australia's Got Talent, Red Faces and Australian Idol showcasing Deadly Aboriginal Australian talents performing in Aboriginal Language, Aboriginal Music, Aboriginal Dancing, Aboriginal Singing and Aboriginal Poetry.

Our judges for the night were Stephen Goldsmith from the Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi, Vicki Couzens from Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, Kevin McKenny from the Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre and Leonora Adidi from the Queensland Indigenous Language Advisory Committee. Audience participation was loud and proud and extremely encouraged. With a total of 12 acts, each was limited to 5 minutes with bonus points awarded for creative entertaining uses of Aboriginal language in a live performance.

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Image Credit: Katherine Soutar

Special thank you's go to:

Aunty Di Kerr, Wurundjeri Elder for the Welcome to Country.

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The ALLKUMO Malkatri dance team from Coen, Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland who came all the way to Melbourne to open Australia's Got Language by sharing the stories from their country.
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And to Phillemon Mosby for being such a great host
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Image Credit Katherine Soutar

Congratulations to:

Winners: Larry Hancock and Michael Jarrett for their Language song in Gumbaynggirr

PULIIMA 2015 540

PULIIMA 2015 612

2nd Prize: 'Diamond Stud' Alwyn and Bruce Wai for their Language comedy performance

3rd Prize: Godfrey Simpson from the Wadjarri Language group singing 2 songs in Wadjarri

PULIIMA 2015 509

PULIIMA 2015 573

 Other Deadly Participants:

Corey Theatre 

Tessa Atto, Daisy Allan and Rosetta Thomas from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre



Katjeri Miminar

Alberta Hornsby and the Tiwi Singers

PULIIMA 2015 460

PULIIMA 2015 471

Ingrid Cumming Irene Hammett

PULIIMA 2015 525

PULIIMA 2015 535

Ganesh Koramannil Muurrbay
PULIIMA 2015 550 PULIIMA 2015 562
The Torres Wave Lengths  
PULIIMA 2015 565  

Image Credit Katherine Soutar



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